4V Design Tote Camera Bag - ANNA
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4V Design Tote Camera Bag - ANNA

4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy

ANNA is a beautiful and stylish tote bag. Handcrafted in Florence with Vegetable Tanned Tuscany Leather, it is a luxury Lady’s bag not only for photography, but also for everyday use and commuting. This is achieved thanks to a removable photo insert and plenty of extra room for everyday personal belongings. Style, beauty and versatility are combined to highly functional solutions that match the most professional photo bags in the market. The ANNA is so lightweight, comfortable and attractive that it will soon become your everyday inseparable friend. 

The well-designed removable camera insert includes four dividers and extra pockets at the front and sides for accessories. The insert carries a complete set of mirrorless cameras and lenses (up to two camera kits and 2 lenses) plus accessories, or a large DSLR kit and up to two pro lenses. A multiple pockets system on the sides, front, rear and on the inside of the bag offers a lot of extra space. 

A padded inner compartment for tablet/12-inch laptop is also available. All pockets are safely sealed by anti-scratch spiral YKK zippers. Also the bag main compartment can be completely sealed by a large zipper for extra security. The closing flaps, once opened, stay nicely folded upward against the bag walls, allowing for a very wide and comfortable access to the equipment. The bag is very sturdy and yet lightweight thanks to the exclusive 4V “Superleggera” construction. The bottom is very strong and protected by 8 metal feet, 8mm high, to ensure a long lasting performance also on wet surfaces. The carry strap with large “Ultra-Grip” padding, ensures a greater level of comfort and safety.

  • Handcrafted in Florence-Italy
  • Made of Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Tuscany Leather
  • Pockets and main compartment sealed by anti-scratch YKK zippers
  • Soft strap pad with “Ultra-Grip” Technology for extra safety and comfort
  • “Superleggera” Lightweight construction
  • Strong bottom protected by 8 metal feet
  • Removable Photo insert included
4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy
4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy
4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy


4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy
The ANNA comes with a high quality padded and removable photo insert. Thanks to this solution, not very common for leather bags, the ANNA becomes a beautiful versatile bag, that can be enjoyed everyday and for commuting, not only for photography. This makes this 4V leather bag very attractive not only to photo enthusiasts.

4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy
4V Camera Bags are designed to last. The bottom is reinforced to remain flat under load and protected against abrasion by metal feet. The 8 metal feet are 8mm high and keep the bottom of the bag clear from the floor. This is a great solution not only for aggressive surfaces, such as stones and asphalt, but especially in wet conditions.
4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Made in Italy
The ANNA bag is deeper and shorter than the usual camera leather bags. This different ratio offers two advantages: a more compact bag and a more efficient storage of the photographic equipment. The sleek and elegant design makes this bag beautifully unique.

Technical Data
exterior : cm 36Lx30Hx15D - 14.1"L X 11.8"H X 6"D 
interior : cm 32Lx22Hx13D - 12.6"L X 8.7"H X 5.1"D 
weight : 1.4 Kg - 3 lbs

Removable insert
exterior : cm 29Lx20Hx13D - 11,4"L X 7.9"H X 5.1"D 
interior : cm 27Lx19Hx11D - 11"L X 7"H X 4.3"D 
weight : 0.26 Kg - 0.57 lbs

Available Colors

4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Black/Black Color

4V Design Tote Camera Bag (ANNA) - Brown/Brown Color
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